March on August 14, 2015

From the Prospect Park at Grand Army Plaza to City Hall

In defiance of any respect for human dignity and Human Rights, the High Court and the Government of the Dominican Republic (D.R.) have ordered the expulsion of dozen of thousands of families of Haitian ancestry residing in this country.

As it was attempted  in 1937 when the Dominican dictator Trujillo ordered the massacre of thousands of Haitians living  near  the border between the two countries, they want to expel Black people, even when born in the country.

Haitians, Haitian Americans, Haitian Dominicans, Dominicans and all people of Good will, took a stand on August 14, 2015. to say to the D.R.:

No to Racism!
No to Xenophobia!
No to the Expulsion of Families!


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  1. The Dominican government will change its overtly racist behavior only if forced to do so and the best way is through economic pressure.

    So let’s stop doing business with them. It worked in South Africa.

  2. Let’s continue to fight for justice for our Haitian People.

    Every Haitian individual, every family, needs to be respected at all times.
    No one should be deported from their own Land. That Island belongs to all of us to live in harmony And peace.
    That law is awful, it involves old hatred feelings that the Dominican Republic has not been able to overcome.
    More education to the Dominican Nation, to learn our history with a more respectful perspective towards our African culture, and to learn not to allow
    Ourselves to be manipulated by corrupted politicians from the Dominican Republic, whom are using our hard labor, poorly paid Haitian/Dominican people as an excuse to hide the mess and dissaster they have created out of the country, by stealing, President after President, with no remorse for the future of the country and the poor. By wasting or giving away to biger countries our natural and financial resources.
    Apparently maybe they have no more money to steal And they do not have a good explanation so they have to blame some body.
    It is also, Old Trujillo in the minds of some sick Dominicans, that’s what I think.

  3. Having visited the DR on many occasions, and having lived in Haiti where thousands of Haitian-Dominican families live in peace, the attitude of the Government of the R.D. is in keeping with the “parsley Massacre” of October 1937.
    Should the blood/genetic lines of many of the “higher ups” of the Dominican political and societal group be traced it may become “shocking” to understand the level of the Haitian involvement in the make-up of those “pure” Dominican so-called citizens.
    Throwing rocks while living in a glass house can and most surely will hurt someone?

    Best that we all grow up and take our responsibilities in hand.


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